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The History of Efkere

As the years pass, and as one generation gives way to the next, our collective knowledge of the villages of our forefathers slips slowly away. It is my sincerest hope that this web site will provide a forum to share information about Efkere, Turkey, a village in central Anatolia.
The information presented in this web site has been obtained from several sources: First-person written accounts, interviews with former residents of the village, Arshag Alboyadjian's 1937 book entitled Badmootiun Hye Gesaria, as well as other literary sources which are credited in the site.
I am also indebted to people all over the world who have written to me with valuable input after having seen this website.... Read More

A Timeline for the Village of Efkere

A chronological listing of key events in the history of Efkere... Read More

Places of Worship

Surp Stepanos was rebuilt and renovated numerous times, with the structure that is currently standing dating from 1871... Read More

Educational Institutions

The first school in Efkere, with the exception of the religious schooling at Surp Garabed Monastery, was established in the 1820's under the directions of Bavghant Rousinian... Read More

Postal Cancellations

A collection of documents from the village... Read More

Census Records

The following is a partial list of Armenians living in Efkere and registered in Ottoman records between 1831 and 1860. The list is incomplete, and I do not have details at this point as to the exact dates when these records were obtained. I will update this page with more information... Read More

The Kojaian and Devejian Families of Efkere

Genealogical research into the Kojaian (Kocayan, Khoja Oglu) and Devejian (Devecian) families of Efkere... Read More

Documents from the Diaspora

A collection of documents from Efkere natives living in the diaspora pertaining to their village... Read More

Recent Photos

The following photos of Efkere and the surrounding countryside are from 1998. The first picture is taken from the front of Surp Stepanos, looking across the valley to the opposite hillside, which was Western Efkere... Read More

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This website is dedicated to my grandfather, Garabed Charles Kojaian, a proud son of Efkere.

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