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Educational Institutions

The first school in Efkere, with the exception of the religious schooling at Surp Garabed Monastery, was established in the 1820's under the directions of Bavghant Rousinian. Its first teacher was Deacon Asdvadzadour, a student at the monastery who went on to later become a priest in the village.

In the 1870's, it was referred to as the Haygian School. In the 1872-1873 season, it had 120 male students.

A new school building was later constructed next to Surp Stepanos Church, and the school was referred to as the Torkomian-Akabian School. In 1901, there were 170 students (130 boys, 40 girls).

There is evidence, however, that by the end of the 19th century, disagreements between political parties in Efkere as to how the school should be run had a negative impact on the school. The school split into two separate schools, run by separate political parties, and reports suggest that the schools suffered.

A girls school was present in Efkere since at least 1886 and, in 1913, the Educational Society for the Girls School of Hefkara was forned in New York, with the goal of raising money for the school.

Also, despite the political disagreements that seem to have had their impact on Education in Efkere, a new school was built in the village in 1913 and 1914, likely remaining adjacent to Surp Stepanos church.

In addition, at least a small number of boys from this village went to the city of Talas, southeast of Kayseri, to receive their education at the American School for Boys.

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