Graduating Students

Last updated December 18, 2017

Student at Surp Garabed Monastery. Date and Name Unknown. Collection of M. Sarajian. Courtesy ProjectSAVE.

The following list of graduates of Surp Garabed Vank is taken from Arshak Alboyadjian’s book, Badmootiun Hye Gesaria. I am indebted to Denis Der Sarkisian of France for kindly translating most of these names. Also included next to many of the names of the students is the village or town that they were from. Note that “Gesaria” is the Armenian term for Kayseri. Some brief notes made by Alboyajian in the 1930s are also included. Alboyajian noted that “Hmayag Oughourlian and Garabed Aprahamian have carried out a study in the 1928 Almanac of the National Hospital (pgs 221-262) entitled St. Garabed’s Monastery and College of Gesaria and Bishop Drtad Balian, where they have published a list of graduates (pgs 254-259), which I have used. But I find it necessary to mention that having been compiled based on memory, it is full of mistakes. Using notes in the accounts of Bishop Drtad Balian, and information obtained from the press, I have corrected them to the best of my ability.”

1892-1893Vahan Garabed S. Kiurkjian, from Nirze

Hmayag Meldon A. Oughourlian, from Evereg

Karekin Mardiros Nahabedian, from Evereg

Nerses Zakaria D. Sdepanian, from Nirze

Khoren Garabed M. Keolian, from Talas

Mihran Y. Yenovkian

1893-1894Parsegh K. Terzian, from Gesaria (later emigrated to America)
Israel Kh. Arslanian, from Moonjoosoon (later, an architect in Buenos Aires)
1894-1895Kaspar B. Kasparian, from Talas (later, a trader)
Levon K. Malkhasian, from Gesaria

Smpad Ohan G. Ohanian, from Gesaria (later, a certified mechanic in France)

Mgrdich H. Keheian, from Gesaria (trader)

Aram A Saghrian, from Gesaria (died early)

Haig Jamouzian, from Gesaria (trader in Constantinople)

Vahan H. Ohanian, from Gesaria (trader in Gesaria)

Per Alboyajian, H. Oughourlian and G. Aprahamian also had the following names from this class:
G. Ohanian
Hohannes Kouyoumjian
Dikran G. Ghazerian
Bedros Gnkababian
Dikran Manougian

1895-1896Garabed D. P. Elibeoyikian, from Gesaria

Mikael H. Yemenjian, from Gesaria (later, in America)

Garabed V. Berberian from Bünyan-i Hamid (trader in his hometown)

Mgrditch D. Inayetian from Germir (teacher)

Sarkis H. Arzoumanian, from Gemereg (teacher)

Sarkis N. Toshigian, from Gesaria (teacher)

Garabed S. Sezposian, from Talas (trader in Adana)

Hagop Tabibian, from Germir (died early)

Siragan N. Khoubeserian, from Talas (trader in Izmir)

Apel P. Gulbenkian (doctor), from Talas

Haroutiun M. Kzaprahamian, from Kyuchyukeo (later in Engyuru)

1899-1900Mamas H. Zarkarian, from Fenes (later, Father Drtad)
Garabed K. Miaserian (doctor), from Efkere
1900-1901Mgrditchian Kechian (doctor), from Germir

Sdepan P. Tabibian (doctor), from Germir

Souren H. Nshanian (doctor), from Germir

Haig S. Seghposian, from Talas (first a teacher, then a trader in Adana)

Garabed Morlian, from Talas (died at a very young age)

Yervant H. Kazazian, from Gesaria (later, a trader in Alexandria)

Sarkis G. Hinklian, from Talas (a teacher in Talas after 1902)

Sahag M. Malkhasian, from Talas (later, a trader in Aksaria)

Nazareth B. Beylerian, from Gesaria (teacher)

Khachadour G. Lordigian, from Gesaria (later, a trader in Gesaria)

1901-1902Nazareth Bedros M. Khachigian (or Beylerian), from Gesaria (later, a teacher at Gesaria’s Gyumshian College)

Sdepan K. Hinklian, from Talas

Sinan G. Sinanian, from Efkere

Garabed M Hajinlian, from Gesaria

Hagop S. Hanjlnian, from Talas

Per Alboyajian: Bishop Drtad lists 10 graduates in two sets. Besides the first five who received first-division literary and science certificates, the following five are mentioned, who have received third-division certificates:
Garabed S. Bakalian (from Sebastia)
Yeghia S. Sivazlian (from Gesaria)
Sdepan T. Giragosian (from Gesaria)
Nazareth A. A. Arslanian (from Broun Kshla)
Garabed H. Keheian (from Gesaria)

1902-1903Krikor H. Eorjian, from Hajin (teacher)

Nshanig Zelgeian, from Mersin (later, a trader in Mersin)

Sahag M. Malkhasian, from Talas

Sarkis B. Boghosian (Bdligian), from Gesaria (teacher, later in Paris)

Khachadour G. Lordigian, from Gesaria

Haroutiun G. Kasarjian, from Gesaria (later, a trader in Romani)

Garabed K. Tashjian from Gesaria (teacher at Gesaria’s St. Sarkis Church College in 1907)

Kevork H. Mndigian, from Gesaria (money-changer in Gesaria)

Krikor Der Aprahamian, from Giurin (returned to Giurin)

Vartavar D. Jzlian, from Giurin (returned to Giurin)

Khachadour H. Minoian, from Derende (returned to Derende)

Serovpe H. Ylanjian, from Giurin (later, teacher at the College of Germir)

1903-1904Armenag Khakhamian (doctor)

Hovhannes B. Boghosian

Armenag H. Kyahyaian

Nshan H. Mgrian

Vahan H. Poladian

Krikor N. Pamboukian

Yeghia S. Svazlian

1904-1905Vahan B. Isbetcherdzian

Setrak Harzovartian

Haroutiun Abadjian

Garabed Khatchigian

Mgrditch Tavtian

1905-1906Garabed T. Aprahamian

Aram M. Sashagian

Garabed Koyoundjian

Hmayiag Karageozian

Mgrditch H. Childjian

Khoren Avakian

Sarkis Basmadjian

Haroutiun D. Daderian

Hampartzoum Delibashian

1906-1907Kourken H. Toursakisian, from Hajin

Haroutiun Yaylaian

1907-1908Vagharshag Pazoumian, from Talas

Garabed Toukhdarian

Yervant Yesayian, from Engyur

Aram H. Keheian

Sarkis Terzian, from Efkere

Aram Dadourian

Manuel Mardirosian, from Aleppo

Levon Der Hagop Ayvazian

Parsegh Der Hmayag Parseghian

Misag B. Balian

Bedros Tanielian, from Engyur

Haroutiun Reyisian, from Gasma

Garabed Koyounjian, from Samson

1908-1909Kevork Hoviuian

Loutfig Yaghedjian

Serovpe Sahagian

Hovhaness Haroutiunian

1909-1910Aram Karamanasian

Parsegh Minasian

Yervant Yesayan

Yesayi Keheian

Garbis Selian

Haroutiun Kechichian

Hovagim Ovayian

Per Alboyajian, the source of these names is Byzantium, No. 418. H. Oughourlian and G. Aprahamian only mention Yervant Yesaian from this list, and the following completely unknown names:
Ardashes Charklian
Kevork Kopoulian
Zakeos Ayvadian
Krikor Chakjian
Loutfig Chakmajian
Taniel Devletian
Hovhannes Doumanian
Hagop Khdrian
Krikor Koltoukian
Garabed Znnozian
Sarkis Jazmadarian
Adour Kabakian
Parsegh Khanlian, from Talas
Hovhannes Tellian
Aram Ouzounboghosian

1910-1911Hmayian Hagopian

Hrand K. Nshanian

Garabed Avakian

Kevork Avakian (Garabed’s brother)

Ghazaros Hintlian

Diran Terzian

Armenag Dadreian

Levon Ayvazian

1911-1912Piuzant H. Allahverdian

Mnag Tcherkezian

Tatoul Ihmayian

Hagop H. Nshanian

1912-1913Onnig K. Miaserian

Manoug S. Avedian

Yesayi Sdepanian

Nazaret H. Salbashian

1913-1914Antranig K. Nshanian

Arakel H. Giurinlian

Apkar H. Manougian

Kevork Tekeian

Kevork K. Berberian

Tavit Tadjirian

Mayag Dokt. Hagop Bey Dadrian

Levon Nishanian

Garabed (unknown surname)

Karnig Djrdjian

Boghos Boghosian

Hovhaness Torosian

Garabed Knadjian

Haig Balekdjian

Haroutiun Haleblian

Haroutiun Melegian

Reteos DerNersesian

Roupen DerHagopian

Simon L. Tekirian

Sarkis Yardemian

Onig P. Tabibian

1914-1915Apraham Arabian

Armenag Melegian

Yeghia Melegian

Aram Kaplanian

Yeghia Bodigian

Levon Dedian

Khatchig Oknaian

Garabed Kalaydjian

Manoug Nshanian

Magar Tiutiundjian

Miridjan Simavonian

Hagop Tchergerian

Hagop Tanielian

Siragan M. Doukhterian

Sarkis Tatoulian

Smpad Tarpinian

Sarkis Yimidian

Sdepan Bahadrian

Vrtanes Seropian

Students and Teachers of Surp Garabed School, 1898

Those individuals shown according to Alboyadjian (1937) are: 1. Bishop Drtad Balian 2. Myusi Danje 3. Daniel Nshanian 4. Nerses Zakarian 5. Haroutioun Nshanian 6. Haroutioun Sdepanian 7. Sdepan Kharian 8. Mgrditch Inayetian 9 & 10. Hovhaness and Krikor, the Garabedian brothers (stewards) 11 & 12. The Gyurunlian brothers 13 & 14. Sarkis and Hovhaness Bailikian (Boghosian) 15. Kalousd Garabedian 16. Haroutioun Damlamayan 19. Vahan Poladian 20. ? 21. Sarkis Khorasanjian 22 & 25. Kh. and V. Khachardian brothers 23 & 28. The Pamboukjian brothers 24. Garabed Tashjian 26. Garabed (Sinan) Sinanian 27. Garabed Tenekenian 28. ? 29. Hagop Matosian 30. ? (Mgrditch Inayetian’s cousin) 32. ? 33. Aram Seghbosian 34. Garabed Msrlian 35. Hagop Beylerian 36. Deacon Garabed Everegtsi 37. Mamas Zartarian 38. Deacon Haroutioun Everegtsi 39. Bedros Khachigian 40. Sarkis Hinaliyan 41. Yervant Kazazian 42, 45, 46, 51, & 52. ? 43. Haroutioun Keoleyan 44. Yeghia Srvazlian 47. Haroutioun Kasarnian 48. Damlamayan 49. Garabed Inneyan 50. Haroutioun Srvazlian

Graduating Class of 1900

1. Taniel Nshanian

2. Haroutiun Nshanian

3. Smpad Vrt. Salbashian

4. Taniel Vrt. Pazoumian

5. Drtad Vrt. Zartarian

6. Mihran Koundakjian

7. Mgrditch Inahetian

8. Sdepan Khderian

9. Nerses Shakarian

10. Suren Nshanian

Graduating Class of 1901

1. Mgrditch N. Kechian

2. Yervant H. Kazazian

3. Haig S. Seghposian

4. Suren H. Nshanian

5. Sdepan P. Tabibian

6. Garabed D H Meserlian

Graduating Class of 1904
1. Haig Seghposian

2. Armenag Keheaian

3. Hovhaness Boghosian (Bdeligian)

4. Nshan Megerian

5. Vahan Poladian

Graduating Class of 1915
Names corresponding to individual photographs is unknown, but see above for the list of graduates for this class (1914-1915).